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Classic ratings hits to be rerun on Rewind TV

Sapphire and Steel, ATV


Classic ratings hits to be rerun on Rewind TV

There’s a host of programmes from the ATV and ITC vaults as well as other ITV classics…

Some programmes haven’t seen the light of day since their original transmission in the sixties, while many others haven’t been seen rerun for many years. The channel also mixes archive classics that always prove a hit when given a dusting down for a rescreening.

In the rarer offerings from the ATV/ITC vaults are ‘Hancock‘ featuring the late comedian Tony Hancock, scare-fest drama Hammer House of Horrors, equally horrifying Thriller, a comedy offering by stand-up funnyman Dave Allen and comedy drama Shine On Harvey Moon.

Often repeated, but always welcome, shows include Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner, The Return of The Saint with Ian Ogilvy, Joanna Lumley and David McCallum go on a science fiction adventure in Sapphire and Steel while there’s action-adventure in Department S and go out this world with Space 1999.

The channel goes on air with Lord Lew Grade’s massive box-office flop Raise The Titanic, which managed to sink his long-term involvement in ATV’s then-parent company ACC, while other ITV offerings include LWT’s A Fine Romance with Judi Dench and Michael Williams and Brian Conley in Time After Time. There’s also Granada Television’s The Cuckoo Waltz and Watching sitcoms for comedy fans.

Drama comes via Nigel Havers in LWT’s The Charmer and Richard O’Sullivan in Dick Terpin.

Documentary and investigative current affairs comes from LWT with Clive James travelogues while Alan Whicker, in YTV’s Whicker’s World, meets interesting people and heads to interesting places and Granada’s World In Action brings now classic topics of the day to screen.

Improvision, comic mayhem and quick thinking are overseen by Clive Anderson in Channel 4’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? Rewind TV is also offering up newsroom comedy Drop The Dead Donkey and slapstick with The Optimist.

There’s comedy chat with Granada’s The Mrs Merton Show (Screened on BBC One)and medical mirth with their long-running hospital-based comedy Surgical Spirit.

Rewind TV launches tomorrow, May 23rd, on Sky channel 190.

Shine On Harvey Moon, ATV / Central

Whose Line Is It Anyway, Channel 4

A Fine Romance – LWT

Tony Hancock, ATV

Drop the Dead Donkey, Channel 4

Return of the Saint, ATV/ITC

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