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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough and Letherbridge…

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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough and Letherbridge…

The latest goings on in Home and Away, Neighbours and Doctors…


With Mackenzie and Levi’s affair finally exposed, the mood is sombre

Tane is still being held at the police station and Harper is standing by him. When she pleads his case to a fed-up Rose though, she only cops a spray – because of Tane, Harper and Mali could be facing charges too, does she realise that? From the look on Harper’s face, it’s clear that she did not. Next, Rose fronts up at Mali’s with an axe to grind with her boyfriend – what he did was wrong, she tells him. He should have told her the minute he found out where Tane and the baby were hiding. Mali disagrees and takes offence that she’s here to lecture him while their friend sits alone in a cell. She’s incredulous and makes it clear that she’ll be powerless if Sarge decides to press charges.

Levi is in hot pursuit of a heated Eden, who can’t believe what she’s just seen. As she rages at her brother, the pieces start to fall into place – that’s how Mackenzie knew she’d been arrested because she’d been with him when he got the call. Levi protests that his feelings for Mackenzie are real but even as he declares his love for her, Eden can only see their dad – in her eyes, Levi’s exactly like him. He goes to Mackenzie, but she wakes in the night to an empty bed. When she does find him, he’s despondent as he scrolls through his message history with Imogen – a wall of lies, he tells her.

Rose is feeling the pressure of her work and personal lives colliding, and she’s quick to let Xander know how she felt about her late-night visit from Dana. She doesn’t appreciate him discussing police business in public, she scolds him. Wanting to build bridges, Xander sends Irene with a coffee as an olive branch, and she quickly sees the stress that Rose is under. Irene urges Rose to be objective, and suddenly she’s struck by a plan for a way forward…

Dana meanwhile confronts Mali about Rose and the charges, inadvertently spilling the beans that it’s his girlfriend who’ll be deciding his fate. When she presses him again later, he’s clear that he won’t be intervening. Rose is going to do what she thinks is right and nothing he can say will change that. And they haven’t spoken for days, anyway. Dana tries venting about Mali to Xander, but he lets her know he’s heard about her hassling his sister, and he reckons she’s been hassling Mali, too. They fight, and when Xander has to walk away from her, it seems their friendship could be in jeopardy…

Eden sits face-to-face with Levi as she unpicks the lies he’s told to cover his affair. He hated lying to her, he stresses. He’s thrown away his marriage, and he can’t lose her too. But Eden’s response is cold – you’ve made your bed, she tells her brother. While he begs her not to tell Imogen what she’s learned, Cash arrives home, and Levi’s irked to realise he too knows the truth. And when Remi and Kirby come inside, Eden wastes no time outing the affair to them too.

Cash confides in Eden about his own time away – the security company agree that Stevie’s in very real danger, but they can’t force her to rehire them. At that moment, his phone buzzes with a notification and they see that Stevie’s live, promising her fans a huge announcement dropping later that day. Cash is incredulous – she’s told everyone exactly where she is. Go, she tells him, and soon he’s at Stevie’s side, where she doubles down – he’s off duty, she tells him. She doesn’t need him…

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5, Monday to Friday and at 6pm on 5STAR with first-look screenings of the following edition at 6:30 pm. The series also streams on My5.


Harold is reluctant to take up the medical perks of Eirini Rising from Dr Karl

As Nicolette and Byron blast Victor for interfering in their love lives, Victor tries to justify his intentions. Byron warns him against any more meddling, but Nicolette asks him to explain to Amira he is a silly fool who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Unfortunately, this goes down like a lead balloon with Amira who can’t understand why they are even talking about this issue, again, since she lives on the other side of the country and she and Nicolette were never going to be in a relationship anyway.

Mackenzie’s frustrations with Amira continue to escalate as Amira repeatedly gets in the way of Mackenzie and Haz spending any quality time together. Haz admits to Mackenzie he knows his sister can be a little overbearing and annoying sometimes but he’d rather focus on rebuilding his relationship with family, rather than sweating the small irritations. But things reach a boiling point when Mackenzie discovers she’s been completely left out of Haz’s legal defence, organised by his family, and Amira is a little dismissive of her shock and hurt feelings. Holly tries to keep a lid on Mackenzie’s frustration and counsels her to simply ask Amira for the time she needs with Haz. However, when Amira can’t understand why she needs to give up her limited time with her brother, Mackenzie retaliates by revealing he criticised her and called her annoying.

Karl continues to revere his snazzy new bike from Shirley. When Mackenzie queries where it came from, Karl is vague but Susan has no qualms in bringing her up to speed. Later, Shirley and Jacob are pleased to see Karl enjoying his gift, but the mood quickly shifts when Jacob is summoned to the police station.

Jacob is charged with public indecency, and he and Shirley furiously accuse Karl of blabbing. Despite Karl’s protestations that it wasn’t him, Karl is left in despair when Shirley takes his bike from him. Later, a guilty Mackenzie confesses that she shared intel about Jacob’s pooping habits with a law school friend. What she didn’t know was that her friend was up against Jacob in a case and they shared the information to discredit him.

Jane’s preoccupation with her family issues makes her inadvertently leave the connecting door between the school and the retirement community unlocked. The mistake leads to a smelly mess when a stinkbomb is let off in the Eirini Rising courtyard, leaving Terese with yet another headache. Harold also is avoiding Karl and the range of medical offerings at Eirini Rising.

Neighbours streaming from 7.30am, Monday to Thursday, on Freevee UK


Paige is feeling down in Doctors

Luella enters with a cut on her forehead. Concerned, Kirsty and Paige listen while Luella tells them about her phone dying and that she ran away from her husband because he was saying horrible things to her. In the staff room, Kirsty discovers Paige texting and admonishes her. Paige was telling her date that she’s running late, only to discover that he’s even wealthier than she thought—hisdad’s got a house in Dubai.

In reception, as Luella emerges from the loo, another knock comes to the door; it’s Luella’s husband, David. Luella and Kirsty are both surprised. Kirsty is wary of letting him in, but Luella says she wants to talk to him. His immediate hostility makes Kirsty try to intervene. David and Luella start to row, but Kirsty shuts it down, only to have David tell Luella she’s a danger to herself and their daughter.

Luella runs away, and Paige follows her. As Kirsty eyes him suspiciously, David sits, feeling a mixture of shame and hurt. Paige finds Luella in the nurse’s room and listens while she explains that David doesn’t get it; he works all day and pays her no attention. Paige returns to reception just as she receives a text from her date and rushes to touch up her makeup. Johnny arrives and is terrified that Kirsty is his date, until Paige returns. Kirsty checks on Luella and, direct, asks if David has hurt her. Luella is adamant that David has never hurt her physically, but annoyed, she goes off at Kristy. Kirsty’s had enough, telling Luella she can’t stay in here all night.

When Kirsty returns to reception, she overhears Johnny and Paige talking about her, which gets her back up a bit. Paige apologises for what Johnny said when suddenly Kirsty asks why Paige is so bent on marrying a rich man. Paige answers that she wants a nice life, but Kirsty isn’t convinced, so tries to make Paige understand that life will take its toll on Paige whether she’s married to a rich guy or not. David re-enters the Mill and marches off to speak with Luella. Paige is concerned about letting them alone together…

Sid arrives early for work, and an amused Scarlett assures him that Paige isn’t in the building yet. Later, Zara is on edge as Graham turns up – he’s here to check out the Mill and she wants to make a good impression. Scarlett isn’t taken with the newcomer. Graham meets Suni and Bear, who are both surprised to learn that he is considering becoming a new partner. Paige corners Sid in the MSU and demands that he explain why they had to break up. Sid does his best, but Paige isn’t happy. Graham’s tour continues – he’s amused by Paige and delighted to run into Michelle again…

Paige is having a cry in one of the consulting rooms when Graham finds her. Graham tells Zara that he’s impressed by what he sees, and is keen to join them. Has Zara finally found the answer to The Mill’s problems?

Rob is on his way into work and meets Ethan outside the station. The lad confesses to Rob that his grandad is dead and he killed him! Rob calls Naomi at work to inform her that Ethan is at the station. He’s surprised by her lack of interest. Jimmi speaks to Ethan, and is alarmed by the boy’s conviction that he really killed his grandad. Miriam arrives at the church where Naomi works, because Naomi has blocked all her mother’s phone numbers. Miriam tells Naomi that her father is dead, and she wants to do it in person. Naomi is cold to her mother. They clash and Naomi accuses Miriam of ending her father’s life. Shocked, Miriam takes her leave. Back home, Miriam meets Jimmi. They talk about Gerry’s medical condition, and Jimmi tells her about Ethan. Naomi arrives and tells Jimmi that Miriam is the one who ended Gerry’s life.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer. Doctors is off air for the next ten weeks for sporting coverage on BBC One

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