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Jordan North goes showbiz for This Morning

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Jordan North goes showbiz for This Morning

Today on This Morning, Sian Welby announced that Jordan North will cover the showbiz news whilst she is on maternity leave.

During her last appearance on the show before she gives birth, host Ben Shephard said: “First it’s time for the latest showbiz news, Sian is here, for your very last date with us before you go off to pop.” Sian replied: “Yes, exactly which I think I’ve pushed as far as I can without going into labour on this sofa!” 

Ben added: “We are thrilled that you are here for one last time and you’ve got a bit of an exclusive for us as well?” Sian said: “I do, because I know the showbiz news needs to be left in good hands and somebody that deals with showbiz stories every morning and actually works alongside me most mornings when I am doing the radio… This is the handover of all handovers!”  

She continued: “I really think this is the perfect guy for the job, I work with him every morning and he’s fantastic. It is Jordan North everybody!” 

Joining Ben, Cat Deeley and Sian in the studio, Jordan said: “I’ve got a new shirt for this and everything!” Ben commented: “This is the showbiz handover, like on the relay!” and Sian agreed: “This is like the baton in the Olympics.” 

Cat told Jordan: “We’ll make sure there’s an extra plate of food for you every week!” Jordan joked: “Absolutely, I’m just the supply teacher for the summer, that’s all.” Before Sian told Ben and Cat: “I’m so glad it’s Jordan. You are brilliant and he’s the perfect guy for the job, we have such a laugh on Capital.” 

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