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The Body Next Door looks at ‘bizarre true crime story’


The Body Next Door looks at ‘bizarre true crime story’

Produced by All3Media company RAW The Body Next Door is a captivating three-part documentary series that explores one of the most bizarre and shocking true crime stories of the past decade. 

In the heart of the Welsh Valleys, the quiet village of Beddau is known for its solidarity and resilience. With around 7,000 residents, it’s a place where everyone knows each other’s business—or so they think.

In November 2015, this peace is shattered by an astonishing discovery. What begins as a seemingly harmless prank involving a medical skeleton takes a horrifying turn when it is revealed that the ‘skeleton’ is, in fact, a real human body. The male corpse, meticulously wrapped in over 40 layers of plastic, is found in the secure garden of a quiet residential block.

With no matching DNA, fingerprints, or dental records, the identity of the deceased remains a mystery—as if the body had fallen from the sky. The case poses not just a “whodunnit” but also a “who is it?” The villagers share their bewilderment and horror. As the news spreads, the locals live in fear, thinking there is a killer on the loose.

The police investigation leads to the discovery of an unexpected suspect: a sweet old neighbour with a hidden past full of lies, trauma, and dark secrets. What emerges is a gripping and tragic murder mystery intertwined with a dramatic family saga.

The Body Next Door takes viewers through this extraordinary narrative, filled with unbelievable twists and turns, revealing a complex case that made headline news and sent shockwaves from the Welsh Valleys to the suburbs of New Zealand. The series will air on Sky Documentaries.

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