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‘Manscaping battles’ for Channel 4

Channel 4

‘Manscaping battles’ for Channel 4

It’s a hairy programme…

Underground: Shave Club will be presented by Daisy Maskell, known for the Broadcast digital nominated Virginity for Sale and multiple episodes of UNTOLD.

Charlie Hyland, Digital Commissioner at Channel 4:

“This is the sort of show only Channel 4 digital could have put out and really lives and breathes the ‘Altogether Different’ ethos of Channel 4. I couldn’t be prouder of the Untold team who brought such creativity and innovation to the project. Casting Daisy was genius, and I couldn’t imagine anyone exploring this world as brilliantly as she did “

This mockumentary will investigate the ‘latest illicit craze’ in the world of shaving competitions with a razor brand at its centre. Throughout the episode, Daisy will interrogate the motivations of the hirsute competitors who take turns trimming, edging and shaving each other. Investigating the growth of this underground trend sweeping the nation with footage of manscaping battles and interviews with opponents about to take to the chair…

The series was produced by Untold Studios, the company behind Gregg Wallace: The British Miracle Meat, and Trainspotting with Francis Bourgeois as it once again works with Channel 4 on this cheeky, comedic concept, alongside media agency OMD. The digital content was commissioned by digital commissioner Charlie Hyland.

Daisy Maskell:

“It was such a pleasure to work with Channel 4 and Untold Studios on this campaign. The team came up with such a smart and creative way of showcasing the brand and I’m excited to see what the audience makes of it!”

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