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How to bag a 5-star hotel bargain


How to bag a 5-star hotel bargain

Did you know that staying in a 5-star hotel for under £100 per night in the UK is possible through a few strategic methods?

Experts reveal five effective tricks, including using secret hotel deals and last-minute bookings, that can significantly reduce luxury accommodation costs. Experts reveal that staying in a 5-star  hotel for under £100 per night in the UK is achievable through several strategic methods.

Ski Vertigo, the leading travel expert, has identified five tricks to secure accommodations in a 5-star hotel for under £100, along with estimated prices you may encounter.  By employing these strategies, travellers can enjoy luxurious stays at significantly reduced prices.

A spokesperson from Ski Vertigo:

“Consider booking through hotel reward programmes that partner with airlines. Accumulating miles through frequent flyer programmes can sometimes be converted into hotel points, offering additional savings on luxury accommodations. By combining travel plans and strategically using points, you can maximise the benefits and save a substantial amount on your hotel stay.

“Another effective strategy is to explore mid-week bookings instead of weekends. Hotels often experience lower occupancy rates from Monday to Thursday, leading to reduced prices. This approach not only helps in securing cheaper rates but also provides a more peaceful and relaxed environment during your stay. By integrating these strategies, you can enjoy luxurious 5-star accommodations at a fraction of the usual cost.”


1. Use Secret Hotel Deals

Websites like Hotwire and Priceline offer “secret” hotel deals that allow you to book a hotel based on its star rating, location, and amenities without knowing the hotel’s name until after booking. This can result in substantial savings, sometimes reducing the cost of a luxury stay by up to 50% or more.

  •  Estimated Overall Price: By using secret deals, 5-star hotel rooms that typically cost £200-£250 per night can be found for around £90-£100.

2. Last-Minute Bookings

Hotels often slash prices to fill rooms at the last minute. Apps like HotelTonight specialise in providing these last-minute deals. This approach is particularly useful for travellers with flexible schedules or those making spontaneous plans. Booking within a day or two of your stay can reveal significant discounts, as hotels prefer to offer lower rates rather than have rooms go empty.

  • Estimated Overall Price: Last-minute bookings can often yield prices between £80-£100 per night.

3. Off-Season Travel

Travelling during the off-peak season can lead to significant savings as hotels lower their rates to attract guests. In the UK, the off-peak season generally includes the months of January through March and October through November. During these times, tourist demand is lower, resulting in more competitive pricing.

  • Estimated Overall Price: Off-peak rates for 5-star hotels can range from £70-£100 per night.

4. Look for Budget-Friendly 5-Star Hotels

While traditional budget luxury hotels might not always hit the 5-star mark, there are 5-star hotels that offer significant discounts during sales. For example, The Montcalm at The Brewery London City or The Royal Horseguards Hotel occasionally have sales or promotional rates that can bring prices below £100. Monitoring these hotels for deals and booking during off-peak times can help secure these lower rates.

  • Estimated Overall Price: During promotional periods or sales, rates at 5-star hotels like The Montcalm or The Royal Horseguards can drop to around £90-£100 per night.

5. Memberships and Loyalty Programmes

Joining hotel loyalty programmes or using memberships such as AAA or AARP can lead to discounted rates. Additionally, certain credit cards with travel rewards offer points or discounts that can be redeemed for hotel stays. By combining these discounts, you can reduce typical rates of £150 per night down to around £80-£100. Over time, accumulating points through these programmes can significantly reduce accommodation costs, making it easier to stay within your budget while enjoying luxury accommodations.

  • Estimated Overall Price: Loyalty programme discounts can lower rates to around £80-£100 per night.

Cost Breakdown:

  1. Secret Deal: £90
  2. Last-Minute Booking: £85
  3. Off-Season Rate: £90
  4. Budget-Friendly 5-Star Hotel During Sale: £95
  5. Membership/Loyalty Discount: £80

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