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Pick of the Plots: Thursday 11th July

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Thursday 11th July

Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, July 11.

Part One

Stevie implores Billy and Teddy to hear him out. He apologises for everything he’s done before planning to leave Walford. After a confrontation with Phil, Stevie asks Mo to do him a favour.

Later, Phil is furious to discover his car is missing and calls the police. Stevie asks Billy if he can say goodbye to his grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Reiss’ stress levels are high as he looks at an £18,000 bill for Debbie’s care fees. Behind Sonia’s back, he decides to rent the spare room to generate cash, but she catches him and isn’t happy.

Reiss is thrown a lifeline when Sharon offers him some work chasing her outstanding invoices.

Elsewhere, Peter attempts to discuss Bobby’s birthday with him, but Bobby is not in the mood. Ian’s strange behaviour raises Peter’s suspicions, especially when he lies about his whereabouts the next day. Cindy and Peter confront Ian who tells them he’s thinking of running for the council again.

Also, Howie takes Denzel to the GP to talk about steroid withdrawal, and Kat and Alfie feel sad for Tommy when Phil gives him short shrift.

Part Two

Billy and Teddy organise a family gathering at Walford East. Jay steps in upon noticing that Phil is not part of the plan. Teddy attempts to reconcile the situation within the family as Phil joins them.

As tensions rise during the meal, Phil makes hurtful comments about Stevie, leading Harry to provoke him about his missing car.

In a clumsy move, Harry spills a drink on Sharon, prompting Teddy to ask her out once more. Despite his efforts, Sharon politely declines. Later on, Teddy shows up at her door with a new blouse and wine.

Meanwhile, Reiss decides to use some creative accounting to line his pockets while calling in the money Sharon’s owed. He feels terrible when Sharon gives him a bit extra for doing the job at short notice.

Elsewhere, Cindy isn’t happy when Ian says he’s attending a leadership course in Manchester, but she can’t go with him. Later, Peter reveals that he checked with the council and knows Ian is lying. Peter demands to know what’s really going on with Ian.

Also, Kat is mortified when Tommy is caught on camera shoplifting at the Minute Mart.

EastEnders, BBC One, tonight at 8.15pm and 8.45pm or watch on BBC iPlayer now

Kim covers for Billy’s absence.

Dawn is worried about Evan’s cough and he is rushed to hospital. Billy feels guilty about his lack of social distancing with Nate, but Kim takes the blame.

Meanwhile, things are awkward between Manpreet and Charles until she admits that she has missed him. Will that change things?

Elsewhere, Gail seizes on an idea to reconcile Rhona and Mandy.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm or watch on ITVX now

Ste tells James about Blue and warns that their problems are far from over. James orders Ste to stop working for Warren.

Cindy tells Ste he needs to leave the village for good, but James insists they stay.

Meanwhile, Norma tells Warren that Blue would be no match for her and she sets her sights on Freddie. Rex shows up at The Loft and warns Warren, urging them to team up against him.

At the hospital, Mercedes is getting fed up and tells Warren that if he hurts Freddie, he won’t see the twins again.

As Freddie tries to win round Lexi with a picnic, he narrowly avoids Norma after Warren calls her off. With help from Nancy, Freddie plans to become Lexi’s guardian.

Elsewhere, Maxine is not impressed that Sienna is supporting Jeremy.

Hollyoaks, E4, tonight at 7pm

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