Hair today, more hair tomorrow.

Following the news Wayne Rooney has undergone a nine hour operation to top up his thinning thatch, a betting company has opened the odds on where it might lead for the striker once dubbed ‘Samson’ after he famously banged in nine goals in his first five Premier League matches following his op back in 2011.

With Rooney’s move away from Old Trafford one of the mane talking points this summer, another is likely to be his haircut come the opening day of the season.

Adding fuel to the flames, Paddy Power is offering 7/1 for Wayne to follow in the studded footsteps of Bobby Charlton and bring back the combover, while it’s 8/1 for him to rock a Mohawk and 14/1 to don an Alice Band al la Beckham.

With all this talk of Glen Hoddle returning to the England 21 set-up, the bookmaker can’t rule out Rooney wearing a mullet in his honour, but at 50/1 dreadlocks appear a snip too far.

However, with grey hair a common side-effect of the £30,000 transplant, Paddy Power is also betting on the colour of Rooney’s hair come kick off in August. While brown remains the firm favourite, the bookmaker is offering 12/1 for blond, 16/1 for red and 50/1 for blue.

The bookmaker is also offering an optimistic 7/1 for England’s number 10 to become the new scalp of Brylcreem.

While it’s currently 10/11 for Rooney to walk out on Moyes, Paddy Power is also offering 5/1 for Rooney to recapture his form and become the top scorer wherever he goes next season, while it’s 66/1 that he’ll score more than ten headers in the season.

A Paddy Power spokesperson said: “Chelsea remains the 2/1 favourite as the club most likely to capture Rooney’s signature, however Barnett have just entered the betting at unlikely 1000/1.”

Rooney specials:

Top scorer next season: 5/1

Scoring more than 10 headers in the 2013/14 season: 66/1

World Cup top scorer: 20/1

To move to Barnett: 1000/1

Colour of hair

1/8 Brown

3/1 Grey

6/1 Black

12/1 Blonde

16/1 Red

50/1 Blue

Style of Hair cut

7/1 The Combover

8/1 Mohawk

10/1 Classic Curtains

14/1 Alice Band

20/1 Pony Tail

25/1 The Mullet

33/1 Perm

50/1 Dreadlocks

Brylcreem Special

7/1 Rooney to be the new face of Brylcreem

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