EyeSpy: Katherine Crowe for Christmas Number One

Smile, Katherine CroweA singer with terminal breast cancer is aiming for chart success with her version of Charlie Chaplin’s Smile. Katherine Crowe has recorded the track at the Abbey Road Studios.

“So my goodness. We went, we saw, and we had the most magical experience at Abbey Road that I could have ever wished for. It is beyond my wildest dreams and something that for me has been a lifelong ambition.” Crowe said on her newswire.

The track has been overseen by music director Julian Kershaw who has to his credit soundtracks for movie productions such as Notting Hill, Stardust and Harry Potter.

“The score for Smile was made by Julian Kershaw who is one of the worlds best Composers/Arrangers” Crowe said, noting, “The London Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra were just the nicest people ever and just the most amazing players!”

With some of the funds raised Katherine aims to help fund care and treatment for cancer sufferers, a disease she has been battling for six years.

“So Christmas NO 1 please! Thats the aim.” She says, adding, “Why? Not because I care about fame. But because its a most excellent timeless record that I believe in with my heart and soul and because if we can achieve even a chance at that then we rally will be able to start putting some funds into some wiser choices for treatments options for our children, who knows may even have time to help me, if I can keep hanging on in there.”

Katherine, who has been performing for over 25 years, faces competition from X Factor winner James Arthur who has proved a hit in the single sales despite falling ratings for the television series. You can hear Smile below.

ATV Today showbiz critic Vivian Summers says, “A version of Smile which has such depth and emotion. Dare it even be said the defining version? I think so.”

More details about the song can be found at http://katherinecrowe.co.uk/

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4 thoughts on “EyeSpy: Katherine Crowe for Christmas Number One

  1. Please know that this is NOT a charity single my promise and wish is to donate personally out of choice as i NEVER would wish anyone to have to go through gruelling cancer treatments, my wish is to put some of the funds raised from this single into new LESS TOXIC cancer treatments and more Targeted Treatments. My truth has always been the same this is a great record made with great people and is worth 79p of anyones money but please know the truth, this is not a charity release. Sorry if things have been mis fed to you – the article is lovely and I am sure no one is to blame for the mis interpretation. All my love and thanks Katherine Crowe

      1. Thank you Mike much appreciated, no ones fault at all, just thank you for the amendment – all my love and thanks kath

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