Pick of the Plots: July 7th

SoapWorld takes a look at what is happening in East London, the Yorkshire Dales and the North West tonight in the world of serial.

The results of a routine health check leave Hayley with cause for concern in a forthcoming episode of Coronation Street.

The doctor informs Hayley that her test results have shown some abnormal liver function and she would like to run more tests to establish the cause.

A worried Hayley returns home but finds herself unable to confide in Roy, instead assuring him that everything is fine.

This episode airs on Monday 15th July at 8.30pm on ITV1

Ian Beale shows his manipulative side in a forthcoming episode of EastEnders when he exploits his daughter Lucy’s broken heart.

Lucy is distraught when Joey ends their relationship – unaware that the seeds for the break-up were sown by Ian who had earlier accused Joey of leading her on.

As Ian later comforts Lucy, he has an ulterior motive when he hands her an “insurance” form to sign.

Unbeknownst to Lucy, Ian is attempting to regain control of his empire and should she sign the form the businesses will be back in his name.

But will his devious plan work?

This episode airs on Monday 15th July at 8.00pm on BBC One

There’s a surprise in store for Brenda in a forthcoming Emmerdale episode when Bob romantically proposes to her.

The proposal comes as Brenda has been secretly planning a handfasting ceremony for the pair, unaware that Bob has a surprise of his own.

Aware what each of them is up to, Dan is caught in the middle  – tasked with getting Brenda to the proposal site and Bob to the handfasting ceremony, both of which are on the same day.

As the ceremony looms, Dan is forced to do some quick thinking and aids Bob in whisking Brenda away to a “farmers market”, with Brenda anxious that they won’t make it back in time for the ceremony.

As the guests wait for Bob and Brenda, Bob, Brenda and Dan arrive on a hill where Brenda agrees to have a picnic with Bob, resigned to the fact that it’s probably too late for the ceremony now.

However, the reason behind the picnic soon becomes apparent when a brass band appears and Bob romantically proposes to Brenda, who delightfully accepts.

This episode airs on Thursday 18th July at 7.00pm on ITV1

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