Chalky Waterloo Road

Mark Benton is to reprise his role as Daniel ‘Chalky’ Chalk during Waterloo Road‘s ninth series.

The news broke on Twitter after Melanie Hill, who plays Maggie Bugden, revealed that she is “happy” to be working with him and will be “gutted” when he leaves again.

Hill later confirmed Chalky’s return after being tweeted by fans “yes!! You heard it here first…”

Benton bowed out from the role of the hapless maths teacher earlier this year. Chalky’s exit storyline saw him move to London to start a new job as a games developer.

It is not yet known what brings the character back to Waterloo Road or how long he will be appearing for – but his foster son Kevin Skelton (Tommy Lawrence Knight) is still a pupil at the school which is now based in Scotland.

Waterloo Road returns to BBC One later this month.

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