The former Ramsay Street regular is making another comeback.

The actress behind Lucy Robinson has confirmed she is returning to Neighbours.

Melissa Bell appeared on Australian television Friday and confirmed she would be making another guest appearance later this year. Lucy was last on-screen in June when she was revealed as the new head of Lassiter’s Worldwide.

Bell has portrayed Lucy Robinson since 1991 however the character has been part of the show since it began in 1985.

Prior to the 2013 return, Lucy also made a come back to Ramsay Street in 2005 for a short stint as part of the Neighbours’ 20th anniversary celebrations, which saw her reunite with her brother Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

Stefan is the longest running of the Robinson family in the show having first appeared in episode one back in 1985. The character has had several breaks from the series, although has been continuously prominent in the storylines over the past decade.

The Robinson family also consisted of Scott, Paul’s younger brother played famously by Jason Donovan and their father Jim played by The Young Doctors regular Alan Dale.

Neighbours airs at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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