Coronation Street’s Tina to have fling with Peter Barlow?

Coronation Street - Tina McIntyreCoronation Street barmaid Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) will begin a secret affair with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) behind his fiancée Carla Connor’s (Alison King) back.

The Sun has reported that the pair will become close later this year following Tina’s break-up with long-term boyfriend Tommy Duckworth.

Tommy was recently written out of the soap after producers sacked Chris Fountain – who portrayed him – after he filmed a series of offensive rap videos.

Tommy’s sudden absence is expected to be explained in a forthcoming episode that sees Tina reveal that he has left Weatherfield after the pair had a blazing row.

The circumstances of Tina becoming involved with Peter are currently unknown but it is expected that the scenes will be filmed in the next few weeks with the storyline coming to a head over Christmas.

This is the kind of ratings-winning storyline the soap needs. What better way for Tina to get over Tommy than for her to get to grips with another fella?

Michelle is excited by the scripts and is looking forward to filming them. – Corrie source

Michelle Keegan shows us her tits on TwitterEarlier this year, Michelle Keegan announced her intention to leave Coronation Street in 2014, after playing the role of Tina for five years.

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I’ll be sad to see the back of her, however many blokes will fondly remember seeing the front of her in the bath.”  – TV Critic Queenie.

In April this year Keegan made The Sun newspaper’s day when she allegedly flashed her bare boobs on Twitter, swiftly removing the photo – but not before it was saved and shared by fellow users of the social media site.

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