Hayley CropperJulie Hesmondhalgh, the actress behind Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street, has spoken about her final storyline in the saga.

Speaking to ITV’s Lorraine show this morning she discussed how she cried at her final Corrie episodes and opening up the Right To Die conversation.

In conversation with host Lorraine Kelly, Julie admitted she couldn’t watch the show at the press screening but watched at home instead and got very emotional:

When I watched the final episodes it was absolutely awful, Lorraine… it was carnage in our house. We had kitchen roll everywhere and empty bottles of whiskey… it’s very, very hard to watch. I won’t be watching it again… it’s like she’s a separate person from me now, I’m watching someone that I care about, it’s really hard.

And thinking about what might happen to her character’s beloved husband Roy Cropper, Julie said she feels responsible for his devastation:

Even watching it now, I’m getting upset thinking about that [what will happen to Roy] and I feel responsible but I don’t know what’s going to happen to him… he’s just going to have to start rebuilding his life… and maybe one day he’ll find love again, I’m not ready for that…

While some suggest it might have been better to highlight the hard work hundreds of nurses, such as those from Macmillan cancer care, do rather than the some suggest sensational headline grabbing ‘right to die plot’ Julie earlier told Aled Jones and Lorraine Kelly on Daybreak, that she was proud that the storyline had attracted such national attention:

I didn’t really expect that [it’d be front page news]. Because the storyline has tied in the Right to Die issue so completely with Hayley’s unique story… I thought that was very specific to her and it wouldn’t really impact in this way but it’s been absolutely brilliant that it’s started this conversation about the Right to Die bill… I couldn’t be more pleased about that because that’s all you can hope for, that people talk about these things in a real way, in a new way, so it’s been wonderful.

She also said she knew she would have to be killed off the show when she said she wanted to leave:

Everybody knew it would have to end like this because… it’d be a real betrayal of everything we’ve done because it is the most steadfast and loyal relationship in a soap ever I think so for her to leave him would have been absolutely not the right thing so I knew she’d have to die, that only death could part them really.

Although it’s the end of Hayley Cropper, Julie reflected on the brilliant time she has had in the ITV soap and that she’s looking to the future despite saying goodbye to Corrie:

It was difficult on loads of different levels because obviously saying goodbye to Hayley after 16 years was no easy thing for me… but also this whole storyline has felt like it’s had such a responsibility attached to it for people who have actually suffered loss or who are going through a loss at the moment especially with regards to pancreatic cancer so I did feel the weight of that but it was a real privilege to do it actually, it’s been an amazing year.

Daybreak airs from 6am weekdays.

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