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Coronation Street‘s restorative justice storyline has been criticised after it had an adverse effect on a real life case.

The storyline saw Gail Platt (Helen Worth) visit the man she’d caught burgling her home, Michael Rodwell (Les Dennis) in prison. However, a victim of credit card theft was deterred from meeting the person behind the crime after seeing the plot.

Officials had spent four months arranging for the pair to meet, only for the woman to renege at the last minute because she felt “too scared”. Restorative Justice organisers have now hit out at the Granada serial’s storyline branding it “overly dramatic” and “disgraceful”.

“Coronation Street has done a fantastic job of raising important issues and bringing them to the public’s attention. Unfortunately, on this one they have got it wrong.” – Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester, Tony Lloyd

RJ worker Vickie Yardley did eventually get the victim to meet the woman who stole her credit card – who had also been put off by the show.

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