Peggy2EastEnders veteran Barbara Windsor has made a one-off return to the soap as Peggy Mitchell.

In unpublicised scenes which aired tonight, Peggy was seen vehemently opposing her son Phil’s upcoming wedding.

Prior to the episode’s transmission, the soap’s boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins tweeted: “#EastEnders tonight at 1930hrs. Let’s just say you should watch this episode as it airs… #Surprise”

The scenes featured Peggy and her niece Ronnie (Samantha Womack) in the lap of luxury in Portugal where Peggy has been residing since her Walford departure in 2010.

Peggy was seen getting herself worked up over her invitation to Phil and Sharon’s wedding, describing the bride-to-be as a “dirty home wrecker”.

“I’m Peggy Mitchell, I don’t ever forget. One brother wasn’t good enough, she’s got to have both of them,” she fumed, reminding viewers of Sharon’s indiscretions with Phil whilst she was married to his brother Grant.

Peggy then ordered Ronnie to join forces with her sister Sal in stopping the wedding from going ahead, exclaiming “Hell will freeze over before she becomes a Mitchell again!”

Peggy1“Peggy just couldn’t resist putting her oar in when it comes to Sharon, who she has never forgiven for breaking up her precious boys Phil and Grant!


“The scenes are typical Peggy and it was great to play her kicking off again and of course working with the lovely Sam Womack as Ronnie. I hope it was a nice surprise for the EastEnders fans.” – Barbara Windsor

Windsor originally played the role of Peggy from 1994 until 2010, and made another one off return to the soap last September.

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