EastEnders Pictures: Peggy returns to The Queen Vic


EastEnders has released new pictures of Barbara Windsor and Danny Dyer from its 30th anniversary week.

“I think EastEnders had some of its best moments when Barbara was at the helm. So It was a shame that when I came in, Barbara was no longer in the show. So when I was told Barbara was coming back for an episode and doing a scene with me was just a real moment of like wow, wow it’s gonna happen!” – Danny Dyer

Windsor is returning to the show as former Queen Vic landlady Peggy Mitchell for one episode as part of the celebrations, while Dyer has been playing the boozer’s current landlord Mick Carter since 2013.

“I think we were both a little bit nervous to be honest with you – I was a bit nervous obviously because Barbara was the matriarch. It’s an intimidating place to act in The Vic – so we were both nervous together and I think that worked beautifully. She’s a beautiful lady and I think we both inspired each other in different ways.” – Danny Dyer

The new promo images pertain to the Tuesday 17th February edition of the soap that will see Peggy return to Walford to tend to some business, dropping in on the Vic along the way, the first time she has set foot in the boozer since leaving Walford in 2010.

“I’ve known Barbara for a little while but not well. But she was lovely. She wound me up and said “oi you, I want a word with you!” I was like “oh no here we go” and then she wound me up and gave me a big cuddle. It was lovely to be around her, Barbara is a real force and a real presence and a massive EastEnders fan.  She gave me the thumbs up which is a massive thing!” -Danny Dyer

Peggy is the Vic’s longest-serving landlady, helming the boozer for much of Windsor’s 16 years as a regular cast member in the soap between 1994-2010.

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