Channel 4 give Londoners surveillance survival advice

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To promote Channel 4’s new series Hunted, the broadcaster has been targeting Londoners with instructions on how to evade the UK surveillance state’s all-seeing eye.

The series will dramatically explore the scale of Britain’s surveillance state’s all-seeing gaze. If you had to disappear tomorrow and become a fugitive, could you escape the tracks of your electronic footprint and head off grid? And just how would you go about it? This summer, a group of ordinary Brits went on the run. They were filmed as they took extreme measures to try to evade capture from our expert hunters. What they did and where they wet was up to them – but with a team of Hunters seeking them out and tracking them down, their task of going dark was a truly tough one.

“Going off-grid is now a near impossible task but next month Hunted will see a group ordinary Brits attempt to do just that with a team of expert Hunters snapping at their heels.” – Channel 4

The marketing campaign, devised to raise awareness of the show, aims to draw the attention of our nation’s capital with a high number of contextual messages delivered across a large volume of ad spaces across the city resulting in every Londoner seeing the campaign an average of 33 times. The creative messaging is designed to subvert the media it’s in – for example phone boxes will carry messaging about never calling your family, ATM screens tell you to cut up your card. Media was planned and bought by OMD UK.

In this modern age, almost all of a person’s day to day activity leaves a physical or digital footprint with everything from cash withdrawals to supermarket shopping, telephone calls and social media posts being monitored. Our journeys are tracked, our locations are stored and our most personal of details exist on scores of anonymous databases.

“We wanted the campaign to engage people with the challenge of the show. I think a lot of people wonder how they would cope if they ever had to go on the run and we wanted the campaign to confront that reality directly.” – James Walker, Head of Marketing, Channel 4

This latest campaign has been produced by 4Creative, Channel 4’s award-winning in house creative agency, takes inspiration from the question “is it ever possible to slip through the net in a surveillance nation?”

The video can be seen here

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