EastEnders Kat and Alfie

EastEnders favourites Kat (Jessie Wallace) & Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) will be making a return to Walford this Christmas.

“I’m really excited to be heading back to EastEnders with Jessie this Christmas.  It’s wonderful to be back in Walford and to be playing out several big twists to Kat and Alfie’s story that will set the scene for their new life in Ireland.” – Shane Richie

The popular characters were last seen in May 2015 when they departed for a new life in Spain after winning the lottery. The family make a brief return to the Square to see Stacey (Lacey Turner). However, it is clear that things aren’t all they seem and, as usual when Kat and Alfie are around, drama is not far behind…

“I can’t wait to start filming these episodes. The drama that Kat and Alfie have in store when they return to Walford is huge and although secrets will be revealed, more questions will be raised leading them to head off to Ireland in search of answers…” – Jessie Wallace

Prior to the couple’s departure viewers learnt that Kat unknowingly gave birth to a son when she was 13, while Alfie was concealing the fact he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. As they head back to Walford it seems these secrets could be about to explode. This sets the scene for a new BBC One drama featuring the characters – a project announced by the BBC in April –  which will follow Kat & Alfie as they seek answers in Ireland.

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“Christmas in Walford is always the perfect time for uncomfortable family reunions – and Kat and Alfie’s brief return will lead tears, laughter… and a mountain of secrets being unearthed for the Slater family. As Kat and Alfie hold on to each other and their marriage, the discovery that Kat has a secret son will lead to seismic waves through the Slaters – and ultimately lead to the Moons realising that the answers to so many questions lie across the sea in Ireland”. – Executive Producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8.00pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One, with repeat screenings on BBC Three at 10.00pm. Viewers can also catch up online via BBC iPlayer.

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