Hollyoaks add several new characters including Juanita, played by Jacey Salles, and Billy, played by Clive Russell.

Hollyoaks Jacey Salles

“I have just had the best time at Hollyoaks. The cast and crew are one of the nicest I have ever worked for. I can’t wait for everybody to finally know about my role” – Jacey Salles

Cold Feet actress, Jacey Salles is one of a number of new faces heading to the Channel 4 teen-soap with show bosses teasing that the McQueen family will ‘meet their match’ when Jacey arrives as Diego’s millionaire mother.

Juanita Salvador Martinez Hernandez De La Cruz, will descend into the village in a bid to find out who the new lady is in Diego’s life. But what will she think of Myra McQueen? Juanita has always had very high hopes for her son and even promised him a large sum of money for finding the right girl! She will appear on screen for the first time this September 2016.

Juanita is a glamorous and feisty woman with an iron will who always wanted the best for her son. However, when Diego split up from Maria and fled to Europe, Juanita’s hopes were utterly dashed. She showed her disapproval by cutting all contact and leaving him without a penny.

But after discovering Diego’s complicated family history, Myra urges her fiancée to reconnect with his mother and claim the money. But will Juanita hand over the money or will she disapprove of Myra Mcqueen?

Hollyoaks Clive

Also appearing in Hollyoaks shortly is Clive Russell who is to make a guest appearance on the Lime Pictures produced programme. The Game of Thrones actor is to play Jack Osborne’s brother and the imprisoned father of Eva Falco. Clive will play Billy Brody who will make a large impact on the Osborne family as he reveals a deadly secret to his daughter Eva sparking a dangerous set of events.

Billy may not be around for long but one unlucky Hollyoaks resident is in for a shock reunion with Billy, and they will pay for their betrayal…. He will appear on the show for the first time in September 2016.

“I have had some great days filming with Hollyoaks. In common with other soaps, Hollyoaks relies on the people behind the camera to make the whole thing work. Everybody is exceptional, fun and on the money. Working with the legend that is La McKenna was also a delight, he is a wonderful actor and man. Along with Kerry Bennett – my onscreen daughter – I just had a ball!” – Clive Russell

Years ago, Billy was a ruthless criminal who was ultimately betrayed by someone which resulted in a life-long imprisonment. He rotted in prison, and everyday behind bars was plotting revenge. But by the time freedom was almost within Billy’s grasp, he was stricken with a terminal illness and became too weak to carry out his plan… so Billy’s vendetta falls to his daughter.

Others signed up to appear on the show include Kerry Bennett who joins the cast of Hollyoaks as the deadly detective niece of Jack Osborne. Kerry will play Eva and will arrive in the village on a quest to get revenge on one resident. Eva will also find her first love and a successful job during her time in Hollyoaks. Rory Douglas Speed will feature as the once messed up son of bad boy Warren Fox, Joel Dexter. The son of the baddie is a new man walking a road to redemption. After finding God, Joel changed his life around and is now a trainee priest.

And Ben Ryan-Davies joins the cast as the party-loving nephew of Dirk Savage. Ben will play Nick Savage who will arrive in the village as the typical ladies’ man. Always with a girl on his arm and a pint in his hand, Nick’s presence is quickly picked up by Ellie, Holly and Tegan when he arrives in the village. But is all as it seems with Nick, or is he hiding something beneath that cheeky grin?

It was announced earlier this month that Dallas actress Linda Gray would also be joining Hollyoaks as Tabitha (Tabby) Maxwell-Brown the mother of Marnie.

Hollyoaks - Nick Savage

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