Hollyoaks this evening launched its brand new look with a new opening sequence, revamped logo and reworked theme tune.

Hollyoaks Sept 2016 Titles

Channel 4’s flagship soap opera has undergone its biggest refresh to its image for the first time in six years. The opening sequence is now live action – a move away from the previous CGI style –  with scenes filmed in different sets on location in the village.

Shot by Hollyoaks director Sean Glynn the titles set up the distinct identities of the characters in the show. The new show logo has clean lines and a modern feel but a slightly retro look to recognise the heritage of the show.

The titles music has also had a refresh with a new arrangement by A-Skillz. Familiarity will remain for audiences as in keeping with the current titles, new faces will join the opening titles as they arrive on screen. Set across day and night scenes the titles open with Ste Hay (played by Kieron Richardson) riding a carousel with his children Leah and Lucas.

Hollyoaks Production - New titles

They also feature Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) lying on a bed of petals. Holly and Zack (Amanda Clapham and Duayne Boachie) have a water fight in a hot tub.

Villain Nico Blake (Persephone Swales Dawson) is seen standing ominously in front of a burning fire. The last shot of the titles shows Hollyoaks village at night with Mercedes twirling in the moonlight in a red dress.

“I am thrilled with the new titles. I think they are vibrant, fun and glossy and from the first opening guitar riff feel completely Hollyoaks.  It is great to see our characters in their own precincts and they will evolve as characters come and go.” – Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood

Below the brand spanking new opening titles for Hollyoaks…

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4
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