This Christmas, Neighbours fans across the UK are getting a little something special in their stockings, with a series of webisodes of the Channel 5 daytime drama throughout the festive period.

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“Following the popularity of our Xanthe ♥ Ben soap bubble earlier in the year, we thought it would be fun to try something new. These new episodes give Neighbours fans a special Christmas treat so that they never miss their favourite daily drama while the show takes its festive break on Channel 5. We hope the fans love them and have as much fun watching them as we had making them.” – Neighbours’ Senior Social & Digital Producer, Ric Forster

For the first time ever, viewers will be able to follow Neighbours, created by legendary producer Reg Watson (Crossroads, The Young Doctors) storylines during the Christmas break – when the show is traditionally off air – with an extra special treat on Christmas Day when the indomitable Sheila Canning (Collette Mann) – Ramsay Street’s very own matriarch – will address the Nation.

Despite broadcasting on UK shores for the last 30 years fans have never experienced a Ramsay Street Christmas. Now five bespoke storylines have now been created that will play out on the UK Neighbours Facebook page. Twenty-five 1-2 minute-long episodes, featuring some of the show’s favourite characters, will play out every weekday from today (Monday December 5th 2016), Neighbours returns to Channel 5 screens on January 9th 2017.

Topping it all will be a special Christmas Day feature from Sheila Canning, the doyenne of Erinsborough, who will regally espouse the dramatic changes she’s experienced in her life over the last year: the return of her prodigal son; the departure of one grandchild and the arrival of another; winning Family Feud against the odds, as well as her hopes and plans for the future…or at least she’ll try! With the Cannings, you never know quite what to expect.

2016 has already seen some incredible moments on Australia’s most successful television export, including the Lassiters’ explosion (pictured below), which killed beloved regulars Josh and Doug Willis; Paul Robinson’s false imprisonment and subsequent release; and the Balloon Crash during Lauren’s Hens party, the repercussions of which continue to impact the residents of Ramsay St in the months to come. And of course, as the year comes to a close, a familiar face from Toadie’s past seems to have come back to haunt him…

Neighbours - Hotel Horror

Better the Devil You Know (5-9 December 2016)

Ben and Xanthe are on the rocks after her mum, Brooke, scammed Ben’s grandfather, but after Susan helps him realise it’s worth trying to fix things, Ben heads to the Canning’s place in Frankston to make amends with Xanthe. Keen to impress, Ben tries to get the family on side, but everything he does just encourages Xanthe’s cousin, Kylie, to flirt with him, much to Xanthe’s annoyance. When Ben tries to split up the brawling cousins, he inadvertently insults the entire family, and has to flee back to Erinsborough in a hurry…

Especially For You (12-16 December 2016)

She had her heart broken by Kyle, but now Amy is ready to move on. Taking a beachside vacation, Amy meets a cute guy, Hunter, and surprises even herself when she introduces herself as the care-free and bubbly ‘Leonie’. It’s a facade, but one that makes dating all the less complicated – Stella doesn’t have exes or a son she’s raising alone. Will Amy’s gamble to put her past behind her work out? Or will she get her heart broken all over again?

What Do I Have To Do? (19-23 December 2016)

Karl’s promised a stressed-out Susan that he’ll do this year’s Christmas cooking; the only problem is he’s forgotten to buy half the ingredients. With all the shops closed, Karl hurries around to his neighbours, but no-one can lend him a turkey. As a last resort he goes to Robinsons motel, where Paul’s offering cheap Christmas dinners to his guests. He’s happy to help Karl out – but at a price – and blackmails Karl into doing a humiliating task. But what’s Paul’s real motivation? Will Susan uncover Karl’s dinner deception? And who will win at Monopoly?

On a Night Like This (26-30 December 2016)

Tyler and Piper finally consummate their relationship, but are still forced to keep their affair secret. Tyler’s planned romantic New Year’s Eve in the city is thrown into disarray when Terese has a last minute change of plans, meaning Piper is stuck at home with mum.  But when Terese falls asleep, Piper seizes the opportunity to sneak out. The only problem is, Tyler’s phone isn’t working and Piper’s not sure where he’s gone. She has to put herself in Tyler’s head and figure out what he had planned for her… re-visiting their most romantic date spots. Will they see in the New Year together?

Step Back In Time (2-5 January 2017)

Toadie’s past seems to be coming back to haunt him as it looks like presumed-dead ex-wife Dee has been spotted in Colac. He enlists the help of his brother, Stonie, to investigate the sighting on his behalf.  Perhaps Dee is not dead after all?

The special episodes will be run on Neighbours Feeds on Facebook


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