SoapWorld takes a look ahead to Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, EastEnders, Holby City and The Bill, some of which have been reviewed from viewing the episode in question by our resident soap sud, Lynn Swift.

Hollyoaks – Episode 2867

Tuesday 20th July 6.30pm on Channel 4

Jack and Gilly can’t believe that they’re standing with Carl Costello – their Premier League footballing hero! Carl, however, isn’t best impressed when they mention a tabloid scandal. Cheryl’s frustrated when Carl asks her to clean The Dog and afterwards, Heidi – Carl’s wife – sacks her.

With evident trust issues between Heidi and Carl, it’s clear that they have a murky past. As the press gather to cover the Costellos’ arrival in the village, a face from their past makes an appearanceā€¦

Meanwhile, Ravi and Jem continue to fight their attraction while living under the same roof. Ravi makes a pass at her, before walking away without saying a word. Later, the pair find themselves playfighting and it’s not long before their frustration boils over into a passionate embrace.

Emmerdale – Episode 5660

Tuesday 20th July 7pm on ITV1

The episode opens with Rodney receiving an expensive gift before cutting to Shadrach who is feeling worse for wear. Later Shadrach scrambles around for booze but with the bottle he finds no solace.

At Home Farm, Natasha’s still in a bad mood. Nathan’s worried that Natasha could give the game away to Declan. Declan’s confused about the mixed signals he’s getting from Natasha – “I don’t know whether you want to climb into my bed or stick my head on a spike outside your front gate.”

Nicola decides she’s had enough of the moodiness at Home Farm. Jimmy and Edna are both shocked when Nicola suggests working with them. Later Edna refuses to work with Nicola.

Elsewhere Nikhil’s shocked when a face from his past turns up.

Overall another enjoyable episode spent in the Dales.

EastEnders – Episode 4037/4038

Tuesday 20th July 7.30pm on BBC1

In tonight’s visit to Walford, Ronnie confesses all to Roxy about their father’s abuse. Ronnie realises that Jack, Glenda and Peggy have overheard everything. Roxy and Peggy sternly refuse to believe Ronnie’s claims about Archie and Glenda is pleased when Peggy upsets Ronnie.

Elsewhere Patrick thinks it would be for the best if Chelsea and Libby moved out, Lucas asks god for forgiveness and Tamwar calls Zainab disgusting.

Episode reviewed from PI. The BBC can’t afford previews, so they tell us.

Holby City – ‘All Cried Out’

Tuesday 20th July 8pm on BBC1

Ric shows Kate, a Trust member tasked with allocating funds left in a will, around Holby, as the medical drama continues. Ric suggests that the funds be invested in the NHS rather than Holbycare.

When Michael realises that Ric is getting the better of him both professionally and personally, he comes out fighting by announcing to the ward that he and Annalese are over, and that he’s having dinner with Kate later.

Elliot is uncomfortable with all of the attention that his OBE has received and is focusing on avoiding journalists as opposed to treating his patients.

Oliver puts him in his place when a patient seriously deteriorates and he needs Elliot to oversee the case. Elliot later apologises to Oliver for being a bad mentor.

The Bill – ‘Taking A Stand’

Tuesday 20th July 9pm on ITV1

Sgt. Stone and PC. Knight are called to the home of an elderly widow, Jill Peters, in tonight’s instalment of the soon-to-end police drama. Jill’s neighbour David Townsend has reported hearing a disturbance. Mrs Peters claims her that her home has been burgled but on further questioning claims that she has been raped. The team struggle to build a case as Mrs. Peters refuses to let a doctor take a DNA sample.

Then a new witness comes forward with a description of a suspect which matches David Townsend. Who is telling the truth about what happened to Mrs Peters?

You can read more about this episode of The Bill in our ‘one to watch’.

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