Michelle Fowler has a big secret and EastEnders fans are curious…

“Things have happened in America and she needed to come back. The only place she felt she could go was home, back to Walford.” – Jenna Russell

Ever since she stepped foot back in Walford a couple of weeks ago it has been apparent that something’s been playing on Michelle Fowler’s (Jenna Russell) mind. But what could it be?

Viewers can deduce that something went down in America prompting Michelle’s unexpected return to Walford and there have already been hints that her marriage is in trouble; she was recently overheard making an emotional phone call to her husband Tim by her sister-in-law Stacey (Lacey Turner). But the full picture is as yet unknown.

All will be revealed tonight on BBC One when Sharon (Letitia Dean) finds her best friend sobbing in the Square – as seen in these hitherto unreleased pictures below. In the main image we see Michelle alone sitting on the bench, dedicated to her late father, as she ponders her situation, while inset Sharon comforts her oldest pal.

Michelle’s real reasons for being back in Walford are revealed this evening as she opens up to Sharon

This special episode focuses on Sharon and Michelle’s friendship and when the explosive truth is revealed how will Sharon react to the news and will Michelle end up leaving Walford once more?

Michelle was recast after an absence of two decades late last year by the show’s latest producer Sean O’Connor. The character was played for EastEnders‘ first decade by Susan Tully who has since quit acting and declined an offer to reprise the iconic role. Jenna Russell arrived as Michelle on Christmas Eve when she pulled up outside of the Minute Mart in the back of a black cab, before an emotional reunion with long-time best friend Sharon.

Russell has notched up many television and stage credits. Her accolades include an Olivier Award and Theatre World Award for Broadway Debut Performance playing Dot, in Sunday In The Park with George, leading roles as Deborah in Born and Bred, Maggie in On The Up, and is the vocalist on the theme tune to Red Dwarf.

“Michelle has come back to Walford with a big secret that she feels she can’t share. Somehow or other there’s a reason she wants to be there with her best friend, Sharon, because she’s got something to say and is terrified about saying it.” – Sean O’Connor, Executive Producer

EastEnders, tonight (Thursday 12th January) at 7.30pm on BBC One

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