Patsy Kensit has expressed a desire to appear in Coronation Street.

Patsy in her latest role as Betty in ITV drama Tina & Bobby

The 48-year-old actress is currently starring in ITV drama Tina & Bobby alongside former Corrie star Michelle Keegan.

“I’d love to do some theatre and I’d die to be on Coronation Street. I’d give my right arm for that, I’m such a fan,” she noted in an interview with Mail Online. “Michelle was in it of course, and we chatted about it a lot on the set and had a lot of laughs. Every day I was sorry that filming was over and that’s not normal.”

Kensit is no stranger to soap roles having played superbitch Sadie King in ITV’s Emmerdale for two years before crossing over to the beeb’s Holby City where she played another dramatic character, ward sister Faye Morton, for a further four.

However, should a stint on the cobbles materialise it may only be a short one as the actress has admitted that she gave up working on Holby in 2010 to spend more time with her sons.

“I was working on Holby and I loved it but I had to stop because I wanted to be a full-time mum. I was struggling to get home in time for the boys. My eldest son was about to turn 15 and one evening I just thought, “This has got to stop.” I was missing out.


“I’ve always worked – I still do lots of voiceovers and I have a radio show on Magic FM – but I’m also there to cook dinner for my boys now.” – Patsy Kensit

Adapted from Tina’s 2005 autobiography ‘Bobby Moore: By The Person Who Knew Him Best’, Tina & Bobby tells the story of the childhood sweethearts who became the original ‘golden’ couple of the 60s. In the drama Patsy plays Tina’s mum.

“Tina and Bobby were the first celebrity footballing couple so it’s a fascinating story.


“The atmosphere on set was amazing and Michelle and I became very close. I met the real Tina too, and she’s warm and lovely and still very glamorous. She told me her mum was very beautiful and well dressed, and she was so excited about me being cast.” – Patsy Kensit

Tina & Bobby concludes next Friday (27 January) at 9pm on ITV. 

Patsy as Emmerdale superbitch Sadie King
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