Emmerdale: Debbie returns with sad news about her daughter Sarah

Debbie Dingle dropped an emotional bombshell on her family in the latest instalment of Emmerdale – revealing that her daughter Sarah has cancer.

Tonight’s (24 January) hour-long episode of the rural saga on the ITV network centred around Debbie’s return to the village after a year away, with the character first seen swerving a petrol stop-off to avoid the police while driving in a car with her kids. When the car broke down, it was revealed to viewers that there was a substantial amount of money in the boot – money that Debbie was forced to leave behind when she accepted a lift from a passing driver.

At the Dingle’s Debbie revealed to Cain and Charity that she is on the run, having stolen 50,000 EUR. As Cain and Debbie returned to the car to get the money, Debbie was horrified to see that the police had beaten her to it. And a further shock awaited her back at the Dingle’s where she found out that two thugs who’d been pursuing her for the money had taken her kids.

It was left to Charity to save the day, procuring the money needed by dubious means to pay off the thugs and ensure the children’s safe return, however Debbie delivered a bombshell in the closing moments of the episode as she revealed that her daughter Sarah has cancer and that she stole the money to fund life-saving treatment.

Sarah, now played by Katie Hill, was previously diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia in 2012.

Charley Webb has played Debbie since 2002 and has, for the past year, been on maternity leave from the saga.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, UTV and STV with an additional outing at 8pm on Thursdays.
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