Shock revelation means that Kim and Denise aren’t really sisters.

“Someone finding out their mother or father is somebody different to who they thought it was is hardly an original storyline in soap/EastEnders.” – TV critic Vivian Summers

Emerald (Doña Croll) dropped a bombshell before departing the Square in tonight’s episode of EastEnders.

The edition – airing from 8pm on BBC One – saw Kim (Tameka Empson) and Denise (Diane Parish) cast aside their recent differences over Denise’s decision to give up her son for adoption to hold a family gathering for soon-to-depart Emerald.

The ice was broken when Emerald got snippy about Kim’s parenting skills, riling Denise. However the pair were left blind-sided when Emerald, mocking their unity, blurted out “She aint even your sister!”

Emerald reluctantly elaborated on her shock claim, explaining that she isn’t Denise’s real mum and doesn’t know who is. It was already known that Kim and Denise don’t share a father.

“We don’t know. Your uncle brought you home and you were just a little dot. What else was I going to do?


“I may not have carried you, Denise, but I don’t stop being your mum just because you found out.” – EastEnders character Emerald Fox

EastEnders fans will have to stay tuned to see how Emerald’s bombshell affects the Fox sisters in the coming weeks.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8.00pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.
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