EastEnders actor Derek Martin, who plays cabbie Charlie Slater in the BBC soap, is to have surgery on his knee but bosses will reflect the actor’s condition within the popular London based soap.

The actor is to undergo a required procedure in May with his condition then being reflected in EastEnders’ storylines as the character of Charlie will be seen using crutches.

“My operation will probably be in the middle of May and then hopefully you’ll see Charlie on crutches. It makes people aware of things that happen. They watch it and think ‘Oh, that happened to someone I know, and if they go to the doctors or hospital they’ll hopefully be cured” – Derek Martin quoted by the Press Association.

It’s not unusual for producers to accommodate certain conditions that actors face during the course of their time with soaps. The most common thing producers have to work around is pregnancy whereby they have to decide whether or not to make the actress’ character pregnant within the soap or try various means to disguise said pregnancy.

Martin, 76, has been with EastEnders since 2000 and previously starred in a wide range of dramas such as the original Law and Order mini-series in the late 1970s on the BBC and also the short-lived 1990’s soap Eldorado. Other roles include appearances in Angels, Doctor Who, The Detectives, Softly Softly and The Gentle Touch.

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