There is some fantastic news for those of you who love classic Australian ‘soap operas,’ because Volume 4 of The Box has just been released in the UK.

Trooper Davis (Kit Taylor) gets to grips with the bisexual Vicki Stafford (Judy Nunn) in The Box Volume 4.

This sexy expose of the uninhibited lives of those who work at a fictional television station called UCV Channel 12 continues to take us on a rollercoaster of an adventure. Yes, scandals and promiscuity are most certainly the order of the day.

In this batch of fifty thrilling episodes we find that station owner Sir Henry Usher (Fred Betts), and his long suffering head of security Jack O’Brien (Ken Snodgrass) have had their fill of the kinky habits of the depraved perverts working at the channel. Their quest to clamp down on the perpetrators and to restore family values is thwarted when the hard drinking general manager Max Knight (Barrie Barkla) reaches the end of his tether. Poor Max has a disastrous personal life, his wife Marion (Margaret Cruickshank) has shot through, and this combined with the pressures of work have led him to the precipice; he is headed for a full blown nervous breakdown.

Left: Delvene Delaney joins the cast of The Box; she went on to play Nurse Jo Jo Adams in The Young Doctors. Right: Trouble is brewing for Jack O’Brien (Ken Snodgrass) when unwelcome family members come out of the woodwork.

Meanwhile Jack has problems of his own when his freethinking niece Penny (Delvene Delaney) begins work at the station. Penny has ambitions to become a star and nothing will stand in her way. Things go from bad to worse when her bludging mother Gloria (Patsy King) turns up threatening to ruin Jack’s career by blowing the lid on a family secret from the past. Gloria is determined to cash in on her daughters success by getting her to return to Sydney to work as a tart in the seedy Kings Cross red light district.

Despite her mother’s interference, Penny has set her sights on the stations pin-up boy Tony Wild (Ken James). Her insatiable appetite for his body leaves Tony a physical wreck, at a time when he has bigger problems to worry about. His star status is in jeopardy when two Australian actors who have hit the big time in London return home and are signed up by Max Knight. Tony fears that his top billing on the detective drama Manhunt is at risk, but his two rivals have issues of their own.

The first challenger for the top spot is Brad Miller (David Downer), he comes across as a genuinely nice guy but it appears that tea lady Mrs Hopkins (Lois Ramsay) knows something about his shady past! Television producer Lee Whiteman (Paul Karo) finds himself falling for Brad’s charms but is heartbroken to have his advances rejected, Brad is not a homosexual and has a penchant for older women – yes he has set his sights on the middle aged spinster Jean Ford (Monica Maughan).

The homosexual Lee Whiteman (Paul Karo) has been barking up the wrong tree with his latest infatuation.

Lee soon forgets about being given the ‘Big A’ when he starts receiving letters from his supposedly dead lover. Are they being sent by a sick minded animal who is getting a cheap kick out of it? Fortunately for Lee, his old friend Cathy Holliday (Kay McFeeter) is back on the scene to offer some tea and sympathy.

The second contender for Tony Wild’s crown is a lecherous ham actor called Matthew Trooper Davis (Kit Taylor), this spoilt and very wealthy playboy has caused trouble and ill feeling on every production that he has been involved with. He sets himself a challenge; he intends to find out what makes every lady at UCV 12 tick and to bed them all. He soon meets a worthy contender in the bisexual Vicki Stafford (Judy Nunn). Vicki is a schemer from way back and continues to rub people up the wrong way, she has obviously made yet another enemy because she finds that her apartment has been ransacked, it’s been totally trashed by a person or persons unknown.

Despite all of this high drama, there is finally some good news for Tony Wild, when the sweet Fanny Adams (Vanessa Leigh) makes a welcome return into his life.

Elsewhere the workaholic programming executive Paul Donovan (George Mallaby) and his wife Judy (Briony Behets) have to face the fact that their marriage is on the skids, and that Judy still has hang ups from a backyard abortion she had which has left her infertile.

Trooper Davis (Kit Taylor, at the front), Brad Miller (David Downer), and Tony Wild (Ken James, looking on from the photograph on the wall) compete to be top of the bill at Channel 12.

The attention seeking good time girl Kay Webster (Belinda Giblin) shoots through on her fiancée David Warner (Shane Porteous), leaving the poor man inconsolable, but a touch of romance could be on the cards for Mrs Hopkins who finds herself being courted by the stations cleaner Sid Merrymore (Walter Pym). Sid had once been a world famous actor but with his career on the rocks, he is now reduced to cleaning up the filth created by those who don’t have an ounce of his talent.

Meanwhile, Big Night Out compere Gary Burke (Peter Regan) is shocked to discover that his troublesome ex-wife Chris (Carol Passmore) is on her uppers and has been living rough as a derelict. Has Chris been involved in one scam too many? Will she finally be hoisted by her own petard and will she find herself behind bars? When a vicious swine from a big time crime syndicate comes looking for her, the lives of innocent bystanders including Don and Barbie Cook (Graeme Blundell and Lynda Keane) are put on the line.

The action doesn’t stop there! The promising young singer Susie King (Patricia Stephenson) has a difficult decision to make when her parents try to force her to return to Burma to marry a man she has never even met, and UCV 12 begins to gear up for the transition from black and white to colour broadcasting.

Other well-known performers who appear in this box set include Deborra-Lee Furness, Tim Eliott, Christine Calcutt, Malcolm Steed, Barbara Jungworth, and Nina Gregory. There’s never a dull moment in The Box, so do yourself a favour and lift the lid for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Left: Gary Burke (Peter Regan) is made to look a total burke by his troublesome ex-wife. Right: Vicki Stafford (Judy Nunn) makes yet more enemies in The Box.

The Box Volume 4 and a host of other Australian television classics can be ordered in the UK exclusively from Eaton Films. If you live in Australasia you can order your copy direct from Crawford DVD.

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