Channel 4’s latest Hollyoaks trailer has teased some shocking scenes.

The promo – airing on Channel 4 from this evening – will leave viewers wondering whether Ste could kill Amy in episodes to be transmitted next week.

Ste, played by Kieron Richardson, used to beat Amy (Ashley Slanina Davis) when they were living together as a teenage couple. But given everything they’ve been through since and their underlying love for each other, now as co-parents and friends, could Ste be caught up in Amy’s death?

As the trailer shows, Ste gives Amy his blessing as she prepares to walk down the aisle to Ryan Knight (Duncan James). Ste and Ryan haven’t been the best of buddies since they met last year however, Ste came out on top when everyone found out that Ryan had cheated on Amy with Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) and Ryan left for Canada on his own.

Ryan returns to Hollyoaks in tonight’s first look episode and asks Amy to go ahead with their pre-planned wedding. It takes a lot for Ste to give them his blessing, but he finally does and Amy and Ryan tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony, which airs on Friday 24 March, E4 at 7pm. What Ste doesn’t know is that Ryan has asked Amy and her children, Leah and Lucas to move to America with him.

In the trailer, Amy is emotional as she watches Ste with their children later in the day. But Ste is then seen banging on her front door and pleading to Amy’s dad that he “would never hurt her” only for Mike (Tony Hirst) to remind him of his violent past.

Amy orders Ste to “get out” of her flat as flashbacks to their teenage years are intercut with them pushing and shoving each other in the present day, is this linked to Amy’s death?

Hollyoaks, weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with a first look screening on E4 at 7pm weekdays.
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