Coronation Street reveals Ken Barlow’s attacker

Coronation Street finally revealed to viewers the answer to its latest whodunit this evening.

In scenes aired tonight (26 May) on ITV, viewers learnt that it was Daniel (Rob Mallard) who struck Ken (William Roache) before shoving him down the stairs at No.1. The past couple of months has seen fevered speculation over whom the culprit may be.

“Over 1.2million people voted in Coronation Street’s “Who Pushed Ken” online poll – and right up to Friday night’s episode Adam was the lead suspect with Daniel way down the polls behind Adam and Amy.” – ITV Granada

Ken and the rest of the Barlows remain oblivious to Daniel’s culpability – and next week’s outings of the saga will see Ken help Daniel redecorate his old house, unaware that he is alone with the person who tried to kill him.

Ken is currently convinced that grandson Adam (Sam Robertson) is the one who carried out the attack following linking him to a pair of red training shoes he remembers seeing on the night it occurred. Adam confessed to being in the house and finding his grandfather unconscious, but denied responsibility for the bash-and-shove. 

When Adam was arrested Ken decided to go and stay with Daniel at his old lodgings to help redecorate for the landlord asking Daniel to bring along the poetry book he had bought him.

Viewers saw a nervous Daniel retrieve the book from under the floorboards revealing that it was covered in blood. As he traced Ken’s inscription into a new copy of the book it dawned on fans that he had hit his dad over the head with the weighty tome before leaving him for dead.

In next week’s dramatic episodes an argument with Daniel leads Ken to remember the fight they had at the top of the stairs – and as the red mist descends on Daniel Ken is left fearing for his life.

“Will Daniel finish off what he started or can Ken raise the alarm and escape?” – ITV Granada

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Below is a specially-filmed ‘flashback’ scene ITV released following tonight’s revelatory episode which shows what happened immediately after the attack.

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