In light of the UK’s poor performance in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest ATV Today asks whether we should pull out of the competition all together.

There are once more cries for the UK to leave Eurovision as the tabloids predict we’ll never win the competition again – so they see little point in us remaining. Some would argue it isn’t the winning that matters but the taking part and Eurovision is certainly several hours of entertainment if nothing else. After all where else would you find silly costumes, odd dance routines and lyrics that make little sense?

Then again maybe the UK should leave Eurovision; after all its dominated by the big blocs now be they Baltic, Russian or Scandinavian. The majority of countries vote for those their are either politically aligned to or culturally linked with leaving some countries such as the UK struggling to gain points…..

So should the UK pull out of Eurovision? Should we leave once and for all? Or should we stop taking the competition so seriously and just enjoy taking part and not get so hung up over losing? Or maybe we should spilt Eurovision into two; East & West?

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