Do broadcasters have a responsibility to bring niche sports to new audiences?

John Griffiths, VP Marketing, Spicy Mango discusses whether broadcasters have a responsibility to invest in niche sports and bring them to new audiences.

ATV Icon: Jim Bowen

ATV Icon: Remembering Jim Bowen.

ATV Icon: Ken Dodd

ATV Icon: Remembering Ken Dodd.

ATV Icon: Thora Hird

A celebration of a television name that for decades graced our screens, the late great Thora Hird.

ATV Icon: Dale Winton

A celebration of 1990s king of camp, and supermarket based game shows, Dale Winton.

15 Minutes of Fame, A Blessing or a Curse?

Can fame be harmful to some?

Old Durham Road Arson

A member of the ATV Today team has been injured in an arson attack.

ATV Reports: The Bill revamp aims for the axe rather than ratings?

ATV Reports welcomes guest-writer Andy Hunter to dish his opinion on last night’s new look The Bill from Thames Television and ITV.