Coronation StreetScenes from a 1960s storyline showing a character attempting to commit suicide are to be shown for the first time.

The scenes will be shown as part of a documentary looking at some of the most explosive storylines featured in Coronation Street. In 1963 factory worker Sheila Birtles (Eileen Mayers) was featured in scenes depicting her attempted suicide after being dumped by a boyfriend. However, there was a backlash against the storyline when it was leaked to the press and complaints from viewers prompted the scenes to be deleted.

Suicide storylines in the 1960s were considered quite controversial because of society’s attitudes at the time towards suicide – it was considered an unforgivable sin. Over the years since the scenes were filmed society’s attitudes towards suicide have changed and all soaps have, at one point or another, featured storylines where characters have attempted to or have committed suicide. Coronation Street most recently featured such a storyline just last year when hairdresser Natasha (Rachel Leskovac) tried to end her life after having an abortion.

The documentary on Corrie‘s most explosive storylines will air later this Summer.

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