Best American Poll: The Results

For the past week we’ve been asking you, our readers, to vote for the Best American Soap. Amongst the list of choices weren’t just the soaps still on-air in America but a few that have fallen by the wayside such as Guiding Light and Sunset Beach. Well voting has now closed and we can reveal who won the poll.


It really seems as though CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful really does have strong support across the world. It is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most-watched daytime soap in the world with an estimated audience of 25 million viewers around the globe! So it is hardly surprising then given our extensive coverage of the soap recently – due to it being dropped in the UK by Diva TV – that The Bold and the Beautiful won the poll with 61.9% of the vote! In second position is As The World Turns which ended its run on CBS in September after 54 years on-air. We marked the departure of the soap with a five-part special looking at the romance between gay super-couple Luke Synder (Van Hansis) and Noah Mayer (Jake Silbermann). You can read the first part of that feature here >>. As The World Turns came second in the poll with 9.8% of the vote.


Third in the poll was the NBC bonkers soap Sunset Beach. The Aaron Spelling soap had fans across the world and was a huge hit for Channel Five in the UK; so much so that when NBC cancelled it Five offered to pay for production themselves. Allas NBC were not up for that option and it disappeared but Sunset Beach obviously still has fans because 8.3% of you voted for it! The last remaining NBC soap on-air, Days of our Lives, came fourth in the poll with 6.1% of the vote while fifth was the top-rated soap in America; CBS’s The Young and the Restless. In sixth place with 3.7% of the soap is the ABC medical soap General Hospital followed by the 1980s soap Santa Barbara with 2.2%. Below that is another ABC soap; All My Children which earlier this year celebrated its 40th anniversary. AMC had 1.5% of the vote with supernatural soap Passions scoring 1.5% of the vote. One Life to Live and Guiding Light both pulled in 1.1% of the vote and in last place with 0.7% of the vote was the General Hospital spin-off series; Port Charles.


ATV Today would like to thank everyone who took part in the poll. There is no new poll for this week as the Best American Soap marked the end of the current series. However, the Weekly Poll will be back for a new season shortly and you can debate and discuss the results of this week’s poll on the ATV Today Forums.

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