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On This Day: Classic Reports from ATV News

May 29th: 1964:

The Duke of Edinburgh opens the first incarnation of the Bull Ring indoor shopping centre in Birmingham.

May 28th 1963:

ATV Midland News looks at a display of home equipment for the disabled at the Engineering Centre in Birmingham. A woman in a wheelchair demonstrates the use of low-level cupboards and specially adapted baths.

May 27th 1980:

Wendy Nelson interviews Cathy Brown and Chris Johnson, formerly Ann Johnson and Eugene Brown. They tell the story of how they met, fell in love, and had a child, and then started intensive hormone treatment to change their respective sexes.

May 26th 1970:

Team at Six reports on the annual cheese rolling down Cooper’s Hill at Brockworth in Gloucestershire.

May 25th 1967:

The centenary of the birth of the Stoke on Trent novelist Arnold Bennett.

May 24th 1972:

Gravelly Hill Interchange – better known by its nickname Spaghetti junction – was opened by Peter Walker, MP as ATV Today covered.

May 23rd 1963:

Reg Harcourt reports for ATV Midland News about a decision by Walsall Corporation Transport Department not to employ any more women bus conductors.

May 22nd 1957:

ATV Midland News reports on Excavations in Shrewsbury High Street.

May 21st 1974:

Report on the shortage of statues in Stoke on Trent and interviews with people in the street about who they would like memorials for.

May 15th 1980:

Bob Warman reports on transsexuals for Format V.

May 14th 1975:

Bob Warman at RAF Waddington near Lincoln, to meet ex-members of the Royal Australian Air force who have travelled to Britain to re-visit the places they frequented during their time at the airbase during the Second World War.

May 13th 1965:

ATV Midland News joins the Chinese table tennis team as they meet Alderman Horton at Birmingham Council House.

May 12th 1977:

Rainy May weather. ATV Today’s Sue Jay talks to people in Birmingham city centre asking them about the depressing weather.

May 11th 1967:

New school for disabled children at Ullenwood Manor, Cheltenham.

May 10th 1983:

Tony Maycock report on school children in Sutton Coldfield who every year, about the same time in Spring, get out their marbles and play with them. (Central News item)

May 9th 1969:

ATV Today’s Sue Jay interviews a Tipton woman who advertised for a husband.

May 8th 1958:

ATV Midland News reported on the grand opening of the British Home Stores department store in Birmingham. 

May 7th 1980:

ATV Today clip of ATV’s plans for the new television franchise period ‘ATV Midlands Limited’ would bid for the Central region from 1982 onwards. Head of Programmes Charles Denton flew from Birmingham to Nottingham to appear at two press conferences.

May 6th 1959:

ATV Midland News reports on the new zoo that has been opened at Alton Towers in Staffordshire.

May 5th 1967:

ATV Today sees David Lloyd report about the Gas Street basin canal area of Birmingham and plans by the council to redevelop the area. The basin was used for several locations in soap Crossroads.

May 4th 1982:

Central News clip of the Wedding at Birmingham Register Office of ELO member, Dave Morgan to a girl he met on tour. Alan Hydes reports.

May 3rd 1973:

ATV Today sees Peter Green report on a machine developed by greyhound owner Harold Scott that exercises his dogs without a dog handler

May 2nd 1957:

ATV Midland News report on the visit of the Queen Mother to Birmingham

May 1st 1973:

ATV Today takes a look at ‘Birmingham pedestrian-only shopping areas’

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