DallasBritish digital channel CBS Drama is to repeat legendary 1980s super-soap Dallas from the very beginning.

Dallas will be returning next year for a brand new series featuring original stars such as Linda Gray, Larry Hagman, Ken Kercheval and Patrick Duffy alongside new cast members Brenda Strong and Jessie Metcalf but before then fans will be able to see Dallas from the very beginning courtesy of CBS Drama. The digital channel is to repeat Dallas from the mini-series that launched the Oil saga in 1978 all the way through to its final episode which aired in 1991.

Now that’s a lot of windy breakfasts at Southfork, Ewing in-fighting, Ewing/Barnes feuding and J.R scheming. Dallas was a huge hit the first time around and captured the world imagination with the Who Shot J.R storyline – millions and millions of people tuned in around the world to find out just which character tried to do away with the nasty business tycoon. The popularity of Dallas resulted in spin-off series Knots Landing which ran from 1979 to 1993.

Dallas produced some of the most memorable storylines and characters of the 1980s and in many ways, like its rival Dynasty, defined the decade. It was the decade of big business, big fashion and powerful figures – all were on show in Dallas.

Dallas returns to British screens, on CBS Drama, from Friday 30th September.

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