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Goodbye Juliet

Best on the Box choice, June 8th…

In a special Hollyoaks episode airing tonight, Niamh Blackshaw’s final scenes air as Juliet’s loved ones make lasting memories.

In tonight’s Channel 4 episode, Peri, with the help of Juliet’s family, takes her for a trip down memory lane, celebrating all the wonderful memories they have created together.

In heartfelt scenes, Peri reads Juliet what she hoped one day would be their vows and, wanting to give her girlfriend a moment to imagine how their future should have been, a determined Juliet gets up to dance with the love of her life. However, the dream is quickly ended when she collapses in Peri’s arms.

Back at home, James is persistent that Juliet goes to the hospice, but knowing their time is quickly running out with her, Peri tells him that they need to honour her wishes. As Donna-Marie reassures her daughter that everything will be okay, Romeo starts writing the poem he promised he would.

Peri admits to her mum that she doesn’t think she’s strong enough to be there for her, but Leela reminds her that these are memories she’ll have forever, and she doesn’t want to regret not being with her when she needed her the most. Peri lies with her girlfriend in bed and Juliet looks up to the ceiling, admitting she’s no longer scared. After eight months of cancer treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she peacefully passes away.

Hollyoaks have embarked on a campaign, titled #OdeToMyJuliet, which saw cast members Niamh Blackshaw, Owen Warner, Lucy-Jo Hudson and Gregory Finnegan take to the stage at Shakespeare North Playhouse to recite personal stories relating to cancer written by creative participants about their own experiences. The first video can be found on Hollyoaks’ Official social media channels and the soap will continue to post throughout the week.

Niamh Blackshaw arrived on our screens as Juliet Nightingale in Autumn 2018, and the fiery teen soon made her presence known when it was revealed she was the sister of poetic Romeo (Owen Warner) and problematic Donna-Marie (Lucy-Jo Hudson).

From her involvement in the hard-hitting County Lines storyline to her tumultuous relationship with Peri Lomax, the youngster was at the heart of many important storylines. Juliet will be honoured in episodes to come, with the help of some familiar faces…

Hollyoaks is available now on All4 and airs tonight at 6.30 pm on Channel 4

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