EastEnders Viewers Not Convinced Denise Is Dead

Is Denise Dead? That is the question fans are asking...Following the recent gossip by fans that “somehow” Denise has escaped death at the hands of her husband, serial killer Lucas, an ATV poll concludes most of our readers who contributed by voting also think she’s still alive.



Over 24 hours 1000 ATV visitors took part in our poll “Do You Think Denise From EastEnders Is Dead?”


A huge 98.1% believe Denise, who appeared to be strangled this week, hasn’t actually met her maker. That’s almost all of the 1000 polled, 981 people.


1% of ATV readers thought that, as we are lead to believe, the wife of preacher Lucas has been bumped off after he confessed his killing ways to her. 10 votes in total, while 9 readers were unsure to what on earth is going on with EastEnders.


Who knows what the outcome will be, however for the foreseeable future Denise on-screen has become deceased Denise


The fans ideas on how Denise is still alive can be read here and the poll results can be seen here.

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