NeighboursA blaze will strike in Ramsay Street in February putting the lives of several residents in the Australian soap at risk.


NeighboursIt seems as though fire could very well be the theme of 2011 as Neighbours and Emmerdale are both set to feature storylines which will see fires rip through their respective soaps causing devastation. In Ramsay Street a fire will rip through Number 26 in February with Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas) and secret lover Andrew Robinson (Jordan Smith) inside.



Summer and Andrew find themselves drawn together despite Andrew having recently reunited with his ex, Natasha (Valentina Novakovic) but when a fire suddenly breaks out to due to faulty electrics the two become overcome by smoke and are trapped inside Number 26. Natasha goes in to rescue her friend unaware of what has just taken place but then the house explodes.


Later this year in Australia Neighbours will move from its current home of Channel Ten to new digital spin-off broadcaster, Eleven.

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