General Hospital{jcomments on}General Hospital may follow fellow ABC soaps One Life to Live and All My Children online.

Prospect Park, who are the company that will be making OLTL and All My Children when they switch from TV to the internet, also have a deal in place to do the same with General Hospital if ABC cancels it. The future of General Hospital has been in doubt ever since ABC decided to can AMC and OLTL with the broadcaster only reassuring fans the medical soap was “safe for now”. Coupled with low ratings for the past few months and Kate Couric’s new daytime talk-show that will occupy its slot its no wonder fans fear the worse.

Now ABC may simply be planning to move General Hospital to elsewhere in its schedules when Kate Couric’s show launches next year. ABC already reportedly expects one of its AMC/OLTL replacements to fail which would open up a lot for GH to move into. But as Prospect Park already has a deal to take over GH should ABC dispense of it could a more likely move for it be to the internet? Could the deals for the futures of AMC and OLTL be testing the waters for ABC – if they work then GH can be moved over it the internet. That way ABC can have its cake and eat it – the soaps are still continuing, its still making money from them but they get to produce cheaper programming for its television output.

Earlier this week Prospect Park offered up an update for fans about AMC which places doubts the soap will re-launch online just days after its television finale. Read more here >>

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