Actor Gerard McCarthy talks to ATV Today about his upcoming return to Hollyoaks.

Gerard McCarthy reprises his role as Kris Fisher in a couple of weeks in Hollyoaks. He confirmed to ATV Today that it is linked to the aftermath of the explosion which occurred this week in the village. “It’s a massive twist that brings me back into the show. I’m sworn to absoulte secrecy.”


He also went on to say that he wishes he was more like his character, who left the show earlier this year. The character rose to become one of the favourites amongst Hollyoaks fans. “In a lot of ways i wish i was more like him [Kris], so confident and strong in himself and doesn’t really take shit from anybody and i think that’s a trait that the audience really really liked with him.”


You can listen to our full interview with Gerard McCarthy discussing his role in The Merry Wives of Windsor and Hollyoaks on ATV Today later.

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