Guiding Light: Farewell To Springfield Released On DVD

Final ten episodes of CBS soap opera Guiding Light have been released on DVD.

Guiding Light – or The Guiding Light as it was originally known – was created by Irna Phillips and started life as a radio soap before transferring over to television in the 1950s – though for a few years it was broadcast on both radio and television.

In 2009 after a staggering and unprecedented 72 years on-air, and over 18,000 episodes, CBS decided to pull the plug on Guiding Light. The soap opera had survived numerous changes in society, technology and had seen rivals come and go but its ultimate downfall was the changing viewing habits of viewers and a decline in its ratings. Shortly after its demise fellow CBS soap As The World Turns was also cancelled after 54 years on-air.

Now the final 10 episodes of Guiding Light have been released on DVD by Soap Classics. The company has released themed box-sets of episodes from As The World Turns (including recently the last 10 episodes) and Guiding Light. Farewell to Springfield is available to buy now from Soap Classics.

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