Hollyoaks fans will be delighted to hear the that C4 soap is to get several more late-night specials for this winter. The specials will air on E4 and will see the return of a much missed character.

Following on from the show’s excellent performance at the British Soap Awards, and rising ratings, producers of Hollyoaks have been given the go ahead to film five new late-night specials which will air on digital station, E4. The late-night episodes of Hollyoaks are traditionally more adult in nature with more sex, violence and nudity, plus swearing, than their tea-time counter-parts but they also tackle grittier subjects. These new five late-night specials will see the return of Guy Burnet as the much missed Craig Dean and his return to sure to cause heartache for his ex’s John-Paul and Sarah. The late-night specials will see several characters head over to Belfast.

Filming for the episodes will start in September and fans will be able to see them on E4 in November. The last related late-night Hollyoaks show was spin-off, In The City. That show followed the antics of Ben and Lisa as they settled down in Liverpool and proved to be popular with a small core of fans but it failed to get a second season. At the end of the first season Ben was killed off when he was accidentally shot by Lisa. The pair had also featured in another spin-off, before In The City, entitled Let Loose which was also something of a failure. Another spin-off was Movin’ On which saw the departure of several characters from the show. There have also been eight late-night specials.

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