One Life to LiveOprah Winfrey, who recently launched her own network, has told fans of cancelled ABC soaps All My Children and One Life to Live that she can’t and won’t save them.

Last week ABC sent shockwaves through soap fandom in America by axing not one but two soaps in one go – just weeks after denying it had plans to axe them. All My Children and One Life to Live had been struggling in the ratings for some time but ABC – despite constant rumours – denied it would axe either soap. Last week that changed and the axe fell on them both and since that news fans have been hoping someone else would step in and save their beloved shows.

The soap’s creator, Agnes Nixon, has pledged to do everything in her power to keep both serials alive. Fans have also found support from Hoover who has pulled its adverts from the broadcaster over the cancellation. However, their hopes that Oprah Winfrey would step in and save either/both shows have been dashed. In a video message the chat-show queen responded to the pleas from fans, to her, to save both shows. You can watch the video below.

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