Doctor-Who-First-DoctorThere are currently over 100 episodes of Doctor Who missing from the BBC archives; most of them are from the William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton era of the sci-fi series. The Patrick Troughton era is particularly badly effected by missing episodes with only a handful of stories complete in the archives.

It was common practice in the television industry, during the 1960s and 70s, to wipe programmes once they had been sold abroad and repeated. It was the days before home video and broadcasters saw little commercial value in keeping archives full of programmes they could do little with.

Doctor Who is one of many programmes, BBC and ITV, to have episodes missing from the archives. Other examples include Timeslip, Crossroads, The Avengers, Dad’s Army and Z Cars.

In recent years the DVD releases of Doctor Who have re-created some of the missing episodes via animation; the first to do so was The Invasion. More recently The Reign of Terror was released with two episodes re-created with animation and later this year The Tenth Planet will be released with its missing fourth episode animated.

So we’re asking our readers which Doctor Who stories they’d most like to see released with missing episodes re-created via animation. The list below is just a selection of stories* and is by no means the complete list of serials missing episodes. If the story you’d like to see released with animated episodes isn’t in our poll then you can post it at the bottom of this page via the comments box. All such comments will still be counted as votes.

*Our choice of The Daleks’ Master Plan also includes the standalone episode Mission to the Unknown.



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