All-My-Children-altMichael Nader has announced he is returning to the Prospect Park’s revived soap opera All My Children.

It looks as though they’ll be another familiar face returning to Pine Valley in the near future as actor Michael Nader has announced his return. The actor has confirmed he has been approached to reprise his role of Dimitri Marick by All My Children‘s showrunner Ginger Smith and he has agreed!

“I got a call from executive producer Ginger Smith who said Prospect Park is relaunching ‘All My Children’ online….She said ‘we’d love for you to come back.’ And I said, ‘you want me, you got me.’ Being back, is like being home.” – Michael Nader

Nader last appeared on All My Children in 2001; his character was married to Erica Kane (Susan Lucci). According to reports the actor was written out due to personal problems. Nader will perhaps be best known for his role of Dex Dexter on ABC’s prime-time drama Dynasty. Nader joined the cast of the oil and scandal drama during its fourth season and his character had an on/off relationship with Alexis (Joan Collins).

Dynasty-logoBy the time of Dynasty‘s 9th and final season the relationship had soured – though there was a brief reunion in the early part of the final series – and Dex had moved on to Alexis’ bitter rival and cousin Sable (Stephanie Beacham). In the final episode Dex and Alexis took a tumble over a balcony at Sable’s hotel; the scene was the cliff-hanger for the series. Nader did not return to the Dynasty reunion movie in 1991 and the fate of his character was only hinted at.

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