EyeSpy: Julie Hesmondhalgh speaks out against ‘Bedroom Tax’

Julie Hesmondhalgh on Loose WomenCoronation Street actress Julie Hesmondhalgh has spoken out about the ‘bedroom tax’ at a protest this weekend in Manchester.

The actress, who plays Hayley Cropper in the ITV saga, told the hundreds gathered at the rally that she was proud to be at the event, calling the Tory policy evil.

I’m really, really proud to be here today standing shoulder to shoulder with you all fighting this evil, evil tax.

I am absolutely fed up of a government that makes us constantly look at the people in society at the absolute bottom run and blame everything on them.

While we’re looking down here its all going on up here [with the rich] the tax avoidance, the expenses… its disgusting and people seem to be being duped by it. It has to stop, we have to spread the word.

We’ve got to fight the apathy, and know we can change things. Things bigger than this have been changed over the years. We got the votes, we abolished slavery, we’ve done a lot over these centuries. This is chicken feed in comparison. We are many, they are few – lets fight it! Thank you. – Julie Hesmondhalgh

The ‘bedroom tax’ is a reduction in housing benefits for working-age claimants who have at least one spare bedroom in their social housing accommodation. It was introduced to free up homes for families who required bigger homes, however was brought in when in many areas there were shortages of smaller accommodation for residents to down size.

There have been hundreds of protests since the policy was introduced, however most have not been covered by television news.

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2 Replies to “EyeSpy: Julie Hesmondhalgh speaks out against ‘Bedroom Tax’”

  1. I don’t disagree with anything she says but I don’t think the Labour party is promising to abolish this tax if and when they get in.

    My understanding is that Labour have merely said they’ll look at it if they get in and cannot make uncosted policy commitments so, no firm promises there then that it would be repealed under a Labour Government .

    It is not Labour party policy, as I understand it, to repeal the bedroom tax (surprise, surprise)

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