Coronation Street actor Ben Price is hoping fans will start to dislike Nick Tilsley as the character goes from Mr Nice Guy to Mr Nasty following a car crash.

The Sun reports that Nick is to confess to half-brother David Platt tonight that he slept with David’s wife Kylie, however warped boy Platt fears he may lose his marriage so decides to take things into his own hands instead.

David panics and grabs the steering wheel while Nick is driving — causing the car to crash into a lorry. –  The Sun

In recent weeks Corrie scenes have seen David take revenge on Nick following discovering accidentally the pair had slept together.

The lorry crashes into the car and drags it along sideways. I wanted to do the stunt myself and the crash had to be significant enough to warrant me being in a coma for so long. This is not just a bump — he nearly dies.

Nick has got in the car on his own with David because he wants everyone to face the music. He thinks they should go home and face up to everything. Nick thinks David will go, ‘Yes you are a s***, you deserve everything you get’.

It will be up to the viewers to decide whether they think David intends to crash the car or not but later Nick definitely thinks he did. – Ben Price in The Sun

The crash will leave Nick, who isn’t wearing a seat belt, in a coma for six weeks and when he finally comes round, following an operation to remove a blood clot on his brain, Nick becomes a ‘new person’ with a nasty and irrational streak.

People have always been very kind to me when I meet them on the street because Nick is ‘Mr Nice’ but when they see him change, I expect them to shout at me instead. But that’s fine because it means I am doing something right. – Ben Price in The Sun

Coronation Street, tonight on ITV


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