Melanie Phillips To Leave Daily Mail?

Daily-MailControversial columnist Melanie Phillips may no longer be writing for the Daily Mail.

The writer announced her departure from the middle-class tabloid via a blog on her website. However, a source for the Daily Mail told Media Guardian that “Melanie is not going to be carrying on with the column but she’s certainly not leaving the Mail. The column is moving at some point shortly as part of a revamp of the middle pages of the paper.”

Phillips currently pens a column for the tabloid which is published on Monday’s and it is that particular piece that is being dropped. However, it seems possible that Phillips may┬áhave a column elsewhere in the tabloid.

Like many of the Daily Mail’s columnists Melanie Phillips is a controversial figure and her articles have prompted backlashes over various subjects – usually over the topic of homosexuality but not exclusively so.

In 2011 Phillips was named Bigot of the Year by Stonewall and award also given to fellow Mail writer Jan Moir in 2009. Other Daily Mail columnists to fall foul of the public include Liz Jones, Richard Littlejohn and Peter Hitchens. Unfortunately though it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll be leaving the Daily Mail in the near future.

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